Belize Car Information

Driving in Belize

Visitors planning to drive in Belize will need to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver license or international driving permit in order to rent a car and/or drive around legally.  If you have a US driver license do not worry, it is a valid driver license in Belize.  However, if you are planning to stay in Belize over an extended period of time, then it is expected that you eventually get a Belizean driver license.

For those interested in driving rental cars, you can check out our Belmopan automotive listings. Driving a private vehicle legally requires you to register the vehicle at the Ministry of Transport and to insure the vehicle. You can check out the various insurance companies available on Belmopan Insurance.

When registering a car in Belmopan it is necessary to go the Department of Transport that is located on Power Lane just off Constitution Drive and can be contacted by telephone at 822-2038. You will have the option of registering the vehicle for three, six, nine or twelve months. As of September 2008, the cost of registering a medium sized car is about BZD $120 and a larger vehicle is a little over BZD $200. Documents you should have in order to be able to register a vehicle are title of car ownership and proof of insurance.


There are plenty of automotive services in Belmopan ranging from mechanics, dealers, auto parts, gas stations and body works services. There are also multiple professional car wash services and detailing.

While driving in Belize here are some common road rules to follow:

  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road
  • Wear seatbelts - drivers and passengers
  • Observe speed limits: 55 mph on highways and 25 mph in cities and towns
  • You can make a CAUTIOUS right-hand turn on a red light
  • Left-hand turns on the highway, as per regulation, requires the driver to indicate a left-hand turn then pull on to the right-hand shoulder of the road until traffic is clear both ways in order to complete the left-hand turn. However, keep an eye out on these turns as most drivers in Belize tend to disregard the regulations.

Road distances (miles) between towns and other major points.