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About BelmopanOnline.com

When looking at a site, sometimes it is good to know who created it and why? BelmopanOnline.com is NOT associated with the city government. BelmopanOnline.com is a private website created from a simple desire – to help ourselves and others find their way around Belmopan if they are new to the city, looking for specific products and services in Belmopan, or just want to know more about Belmopan and Belize. When we arrived in Belmopan in 2005, there was no comprehensive source of information about Belmopan online and it was difficult to know where to go for the simplest things…like register your car. So after months of frustration, this website was created to help fill that void. It is our hope that you find the information in the site useful and if there is any other additional information or features you think would help, please let us know ([email protected] or website contact form) so that we can consider it.