Government of the City of Belmopan

Belmopan Government & Offices

From its inception, Belmopan was governed by a corporation answering to the government, called RECONDEV (Reconstruction and Development Corporation).


Residents of Belmopan voted in a referendum held in 1999 to switch to direct election of a city council. In 2000, Belmopan was incorporated as a city and held its first City Council election. Anthony Chanona of the People's United Party was elected mayor with a six-man slate, and reelected in 2003. Following the UDP's municipal victory of 2006, the Mayor of Belmopan was Simeon López. Mayor Lopez was reelected in 2009. In 2015 Mayor Khalid Belisle was elected and is now in office.


The Belmopan City Council is responsible for collecting monies for city garbage disposal, business trade licensing, business tax, and property tax in addition to other activities involved in running the city.


Here are the numbers of the city government offices:

  • Belmopan City Council - 36/38 Trinity Blvd, 822-2271, [email protected]
  • Belmopan Mayor's Office -  822-0918/ 822-0662
  • Customer Service  - 802-3679
  • Reconstruction & Development Corporation (RECONDEV) - 28 Trinity Blvd, 822-0600