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Being listed on provides an excellent opportunity to reach the people that want to do business with you. Review the information below for details of listing options. Contact us today at to take advantage of our introductory prices and secure a prime ad spot for your organization.


Approx. Monthly visits: over 10,000     70% Belize       20% US visitors

High Visibility!
Your ad will appear in the banner area on every page (that’s 90+ pages). Your banner will rotate along with a couple of others so that every few seconds your ad is visible.

Size: 256px high X 370px wide


Formats: JPG


Introductory price: BZ$150 for 1 month or BZ$400 for 3 months or BZ$1,000 for 1 year





High visibility - only 1 available!

Your ad will appear in the menu every time you hover over a menu icon (also shows on mobile devices).


Size: 256px high X 370px wide


Formats: JPG (you can provide up to 5 versions of ad if desired)


Introductory price: BZ$200 for 1 month or BZ$550 for 3 months or BZ$1,500 for 1 year



FEATURED LISTINGS on business pages

On the business pages you can list your business for free under the appropriate category. However businesses have the option of getting extra exposure by having a featured listing.


Featured listing includes:

  • Being listed at the top of the page with a border around listing
  • Includes your logo or image of business
  • Includes short description of what you offer (50 words)
  • List of all your contact information including phone, email, address, and webpage.
  • Link to your website if you have one.
  • Maximum of two featured listing for each business category.


Minimum: 6 Months


Introductory price: BZ$150 for 6 months or BZ$250 for 12 months


BOLD LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE on business pages

Add a link to your website or e-mail in your business listing on the business categories. Your Business name will be bold and clickable. Featured listings already include this.


Price:  only BZ$50 - one-time fee




CAN’T DECIDE?  Contact us at and we will be glad to help you come up with a marketing package.

Package Discounts are available! E-mail for details.

Ad Design. We will be glad to design your ad for you. Send us an e-mail at for further information.

IMPORTANT: is a family friendly site that should be comfortable to everyone so we will not allow banner advertising that includes any of the following:





  • Sexually suggestive material (women in little clothing, etc)
  • Direct promotion of alcohol
  • Direct promotion of tobacco products
  • Violent images
  • Racist or discriminatory materials
  • Promotion of political parties
  • Material that exploits children (or anyone)
  • We reserve the right to deny ads that we do not feel are appropriate.