Residents of the following countries do not require visas to enter Belize:

Antigua & Barbuda Austria Australia The Bahamas Barbados Belgium Bulgaria Canada Chile Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Grenada Guatemala Guyana Haiti Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Jamaica Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Matla Mexico Montserrat The Netherlands New Zealand Norway Papua New Guinea Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Spain St. Lucia St. Kitts & Nevis St. Vincent & the Grenadines South Africa Suriname Sweden Switzerland Taiwan (Republic of China) Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Tuvalu United States of America & dependent territories United Kingdom Uruguay

If you don't see your country here please consult with your embassy.

Residents of the following countries need visas & clearance from the Director of Immigration to enter Belize:

Bangladesh Belgium Bolivia Columbia Cuba Ecuador Egypt India Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Lebanon Lybia Myanmar (Burma) Nepal Nigeria Pakistan Palestine Peru People's Republic of China Sri Lanka Syria Thailand United Arab Emigrates

Residents of the following countries need visas to enter Belize:

Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Argentina Bosnia Brazil Central African Republic Chad El Salvador Ethiopia Honduras Japan Libya Monaco Mongolia Morocco Nicaragua Panama Republic of Korea (South Korea) Russia Thailand Ukraine West African countries Yugoslavia Zair

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