Belize Mailing Information

Belize Mail Postal Services

Using the Belize postal services to send letters and packages to other countries can take a long time but it is an option. More specifically, ground mail takes 4-6 weeks and airmail takes 9-14 days. If you need something to arrive faster, you can use third party mailing services like DHL, FedEx or BPMS.

For next day mailing within Belize, there is a new next day service, Domestic Speed Mail. This is a fast delivery service offered by the Belize Post Office for mail and packages delivered within Belize. With Domestic Speed Mail, mail tracking is available.


FedEx - Belize – Belize home on the official FedEx site

DHL Belize Office Information

Belize Package & Mail Services (BPMS) - University Blvd., 802-0171, Open Mon-Fri 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.