Cerros Ruins

Cerros is located at the mouth of the New River as it empties into Corozal Bay in the northern Corozal District of Belize. Cerros was inhabited from about 400 BC (Preclassic Era) to 400 AD (Classic Era) when it was abandoned. At the height of its importance, almost 2,000 people lived in and around Cerros, working as farmers and as merchants in the trade between the sea coast and inland communities.

The Cerros ruins were first noticed in 1900, but no archaeological work began until the early 1970s when the Metroplex Corporation of Dallas bought the property to build a resort around Cerros' ceremonial center. When the Metroplex plan came to naught, ownership of the site was transferred to the Belize government.  

Cerros includes stepped pyramids, an acropolis and two ball courts, raised fields, a series of canals for crop irrigation, and residential neighborhoods extending southwest and southeast from the core of the site. Although 4 temples, a war monument, two ball courts, several residential areas and burial caches have been excavated, most of Cerros remains untouched.  

Archaeological research at Cerros indicates that the society was very stratified, with definite areas for the elite alone. Dogs were raised for meat during the winter months, and the elite were well fed with larger animals and marine products, while the poorer inhabitants ate birds, small mammals and fish.


All of the following information about the Districts of Belize was obtained from Destination  Belize.