About Belmopan, Belize

About Belmopan City

Belmopan sits near the junction of the Western Highway, which leads from Belize City to San Ignacio (22 miles) and the Guatemalan border, with the Hummingbird Highway, the scenic road which runs from Belmopan south-east to Dangriga (47 miles) on the Caribbean coast.


With generous planning to allow for future development, Belmopan boasts large park areas with colorful vegetation and many Flamboyant trees in the center of town, thus making it the "Garden City."


Independence Plaza marks the center of Belmopan with the administrative buildings and the prime minister's office. Banks, post office, BTL (Belize Telecommunications Ltd) and the immigration office are nearby, the hospital, a number of embassies and the main campus for the University of Belize are all within walking distance. Next to it is the Market Square with a bus terminal, stretched building that houses market stalls and food vendors and numerous small shops around. Most travelers coming through Belmopan still only see this area where they switch buses for their ongoing journey.


On the Educational sector, Belmopan offers Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools, of which Churches run most. The University of Belize is housed in Belmopan with the faculties Education, Business, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture & Natural Resources and Nursing. Numerous organizations have their offices in Belmopan.


Belmopan, the town, was incorporated in 2000, which already resulted in a number of improvements beneficial to business with lots of ambitious plans for the future.


Note: Although many people (including this site) often use the term "Belmopan City", the correct term is actually "City of Belmopan". Whatever you call it... it's a great city!