What is Belize known for?

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Belize is a unique country in the center of Central America, so it is known for many things. Its most prominent feature is its amazing natural beauty. About half of Belize is composed of dense jungle, and the government protects about 80% of the rainforest in Belize. There are many wonderful resorts that sit in the heart of these jungles where this wonderful scenery is right in your backyard (or front yard). Belize isn’t just jungles.  It borders the Caribbean Sea on one side and has amazing beaches and islands, and of course, you can visit resorts that are right on the beach too. Belize also has the second largest barrier reef in the world, and this is one of the primary reasons why many people come to Belize to snorkel or dive.


Belize is also known for its rich cultural heritage. In Belize, you can find many different cultures, such as the Garinagu, Mennonite, Creole, Mayan, and more. The food from all of these cultures is delectable and, in many cases, inexpensive.


Let’s not forget another one of Belize’s treasure - it’s Mayan heritage. Belize has many Mayan sites across the country, the tallest being a towering 141 feet. They are beautiful relics of the past that you can freely explore either by yourself or with a guide.


Of course, as mentioned above, Belize is known for its resorts and relaxation. Beautiful food, service, and scenery are typical of these resorts. Whether you want to hear the alluring night sounds of the jungle, the splashing of the waves, or want a quiet rest in the town, Belize has got you covered.