Travel Smarter - Belize Beachside Resorts with the Best Vacation Packages

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Belize is a fairly small country and yet its size belies the full expression of possibilities that exist for travelers. As an eco-friendly destination hotspot, with more than its fair share of culture and local attractions, more and more people are choosing Belize for precisely these reasons. Because the southern coast of Belize was a tad late to the tourism expansion boom, you’ll find that it retains a uniquely rustic and unspoiled quality. With this in mind, so you don’t miss out on some of the best beaches in Belize, and world-class culture experiences, we’ve compiled a list of the top Belize beachside resorts with the best vacation packages to suit every type of traveler.  


Belizean Dreams is a small, intimate beachfront resort located in Hopkins village, known for top-notch services and amenities. To its credit, it is also best known for its pristine beach which frames the entire length of the resort’s property. Each all inclusive vacation packages at Belizean Dreams Resort are thoughtfully fashioned to accommodate the needs of families, solo travelers and couples, as well as corporate businesses and groups. Their packages include accommodations, titillating foods from the resort’s own Woven Palms Restaurant, local round-trip transfers to and from the resort; not to mention, several packages also include exciting diving, snorkeling and jungle adventures, such as its new Inland and Island Package with sister resorts – Coco Plum Island Resort and Laru Beya Resort.


For another favorite on our list of beachside resorts offering the best Belize vacation packages, we head to Laru Beya resort. Laru Beya is an all-inclusive boutique resort nestled between the villages of Placencia and Siene Bight. Like Hopkins, Siene Bight is a small fishing village with a simplicity and charm all its own. Laru Beya specializes in fully customizable Belize vacation packages, some that draw you from the coast into the deep, otherworldly vastness of the rainforest. You’re free to adjust your vacation package to include as many fun and exciting Belize adventures imaginable. Oceanfront suites, together with unlimited drinks and fine foods from the resort’s on-site open-air, Quarterdeck Restaurant & Bar make for an unparalleled Belize vacation.


Naia Resort, another top beachside resort in the village of Placencia, unique among others for its distinct focus on health and wellness. With beautiful beach frontage, lagoon and meticulously kept zen-like garden landscaping, Naia is an absolute treat for the senses. If you’re looking to recharge following a prolonged period of stress, then a Naia vacation package should be top on your list. Their beach houses and villas are modern, spacious and airy, infused by light and a sort of simple elegance. This combined with Naia’s attention to detail, exceptional service, and scenic grounds will truly feel like an escape from the mundane. Vacation packages like the ‘Total Relaxation’, ‘Honeymoon Package’ or the ‘Belize Beach and Inland Vacation Package’ include all ground transfers, three and four-course meals and more, making Naia undeniably, one of the top Belize beachside resorts offering the best vacation packages.


Ray Caye is a private island resort for the traveler that’s looking to truly get away from it all.  Located off the coast of Placencia, all vacation packages are inclusive of ground transfers from the airstrip to the boat launch. From there, the boat ride to the island lasts roughly an hour but once aboard, you’re well on your way to an incredible island retreat. This is because Ray Caye offers true seclusion and privacy. A few cozy cabanas line the beach, each with its own private deck. Nowhere else can you expect this kind of front-row, undisturbed viewing of Belizean sunrises and sunsets. You can opt for an all-inclusive Belize vacation package that includes all meals and local drinks at the Lionfish Grill, with all fresh ingredients from the organic island garden and freshly caught seafood. Packages can also be adjusted to include diving, fishing and snorkeling excursions.


With more affordable flights on stream including direct flights from the US and Toronto, it’s not hard to see why Belize is now a top destination choice.