Renewing Your Belize Passport - How Is It Done?

Created by Richard B on

Do you like to travel outside of Belize?  If so, there is one thing that you have to do every five to ten years – renew your Belize passport.  In our family, we have found that this process can be time-consuming and frustrating in part because the exact procedure may not be fully understood – especially since the location of the Immigration office has changed and so have some of the procedures involved in this process.  So how do you find out how to renew your Belize passport to make this process as easy as possible. Well, we have created a video that outlines the primary steps you need to take and it will make the process much easier.  Of course, if you have any suggestions about the video please let us know.

We do not have a video about obtaining a new passport but much of the information that you would to get that done can be found on the Department of Immigration website.  The information that you need for a new passport depends on your age:

Adult Passport Requirements (16 years and over)
Minor Passport Requirements (under 16 years)

Also, if you are interested in the Belize passport fees, you can find them on the Immigration website for adults and minors.

Additional information about Belize passports, including the renewal process, can be found on the Department of Immigration and Nationality Services website.

The Department of Immigration and Nationality Services has a Facebook page as well.

Link to the Belize passport renewal video in YouTube.