Our Top Picks for the Most Amazing Belize Adventure Tours

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Who can resist the thrill of doing something you never thought you’d be able to do? We all want a taste of what life is like when you’re really living it to the fullest. The best part about making a decision to go for that big adventure you always dreamed about, is just doing it, with no regrets!  We’ve scanned the length and breadth of Southern Belize in search of the most amazing Belize adventure tours. What we have is a list of adventure tours that will not only take your breath away but will impart lasting memories too!


Night Snorkelling

Your premier private island getaway - Ray Caye, an hour away by boat from the mainland village of Placencia. They offer several categories of adventure tours, everything from diving, snorkelling, and fishing on the nearby Placencia Cayes and marine reserves. The island is located just a few minutes away from some of the richest and most productive areas of the reef. Night snorkelling, however, is definitely one of the rarest adventure tours you’ll find while in Belize. At night, the soft glow of the resort’s lights attracts a multitude of fish, floating rays, squid, tortoises and other marine life. This is a cool, fun night-time event you’re not likely to experience elsewhere - best had with friends and family!


Whale Shark Diving

Diving alongside these gentle giants of the sea is definitely a diving experience of a lifetime! Between the months of March and June, large whale sharks migrate into Belize to mate and feed on the spawn of Mutton and Cuberra snappers in the Gladden Spit area. Laru Beya Resort, in Placencia Village offers this rear diving experience to nearby Gladden Spit Caye, with trained guides to ensure the safety of both divers and whale sharks. These enormous creatures are known to swim right up to divers, but are not aggressive, just inquisitive. Fun fact – the largest whale shark ever recorded was 41 feet 6 inches.


Mayflower Bocawina Zipline and Waterfalls 

Located about an hour away from Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia, this amazing park of jungle, mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, swimming holes and ancient Maya sites measures more than 7,000 acres and is packed with adventure. This tour is especially remarkable because it features the longest zipline in the country of Belize! Just over two and a half miles long, with 14 platforms and 9 different runs, which takes you soaring through the rainforest canopy. Once completed, you stroll through the jungle taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the rich atmosphere. Take a moment to rest at Bocawina Falls. Have lunch and a relaxing, much-deserved swim in the freshwater pools.


Jungle Horseback Riding Tour

Belizean Dreams Resorts in Hopkins Village offers the jungle horseback adventure tour which is a wonderful way to experience the verdant jungles of Belize, just a few yards away from the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. This area is special in part because it’s the world’s first jaguar preserve, and home to a wonderfully fragrant orange grove, as well as pines and pimento trees. Much of Southern Belize is unspoiled and under vast forest cover. The air is fresh and clean, and with the sounds of the birds and wildlife following you along your journey through the jungle, it makes for an otherworldly experience. Your tour through the jungle leads eventually to a sandy riverbed where you can enjoy a relaxing river swim before heading back to the resort.


These are just a glimpse of the many exciting adventure tours offered by our top-picked Southern Belize resorts. For more adventure tours, check out the resorts’ websites.