How this Placencia Beach Resort Can Improve Your Health

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There are some things they just don’t teach you in school. Like self-care, meaningful self-renewal and care. Ideally, we’d know how to avoid burning out. We know the ideal is not often the reality, but we are able to take the steps we need to be healthy and feel good.  Naia Beach Resort in Placencia is one of a handful of wellness-centered resorts in Belize. As a luxury Placencia beach resort and spa, Naia has truly excelled at considering all the details needed to ensure a holistic journey to wellness. It shouldn’t be hard to be healthy, and at Naia Beach Resort, we think they’ve managed to tap into the elements to improve your health; and feel your best.


Start by getting active, shoot for an early morning run. Naia Resort sits on the longest beach in Placencia, more than 19 acres of pristine and secluded beachfront. They don’t call It is ‘vitamin sea’ for no reason. The sight and sound of the waves can be simultaneously calming and invigorating to the senses. The sensation of sand in your toes is in practice a way of ‘grounding’. It’s a perfect way to center yourself at the start of the day and set the tone for whatever comes next. Not to mention it also helps to build your cardiovascular health and stamina.


Mindfulness and Grounding Yoga 
Both the physical body and the spirit need attention to complete a well-rounded healing practice.  Naia beach resort in Placencia has a fully equipped fitness center, 5 individual spa and treatment suites and a yoga studio overlooking the lagoon and zen-style gardens. There are no other Placencia beach resorts that can say the same. Stimulating the body through active workouts, invigorating body massages and mindful stretching and yoga allows visitors to the resort to re-calibrate their bodies, re-set the mind, and leave feeling empowered, strong and content.


Food for the Soul
Naia Beach Resort offers three exhilarating food dining experiences. After a morning jog on the beach or sunrise workout or yoga, head over to Reflections Spa Cafe. Perched on the edge of the lagoon, this cozy on-site eatery is perfect for light plates, fresh fruit, coffee and smoothies. For lunch, you can head over to the Beach Bar & Grill. It’s perfect for pool-side relaxation, drinks, food and fun. They offer cool beers, refreshing cocktails and local cuisine. Given its location near the beach, you should take full advantage of the opportunity to sample the fresh seafood offerings. They’re also able to accommodate vegan and non-vegan diets. Alas, your final meal of the day need not be boring! Naia’s signature dining hall, 1981, is sure to be a real treat. There is no other Placencia beach resort that offers as many options to guests or enthusiastic diners!


The money you spend on taking care of yourself and your well-being is money invested well. For a Placencia beach resort that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived, Naia Beach Resort is your choice.