Dive into Bliss: An Ultimate Belize Getaway

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Greetings, fellow travelers and adventure seekers! If you're looking for beautiful coastal accommodations and exciting fishing tours, Belize is your place. There are so many wonderful resorts that do their best to offer you that vacation you're searching for, and for a very affordable price.


But if you're on the hunt for a specific Belizean resort that combines a serene coastal getaway with fishing escapades, then lean in. Let me unveil Coco Plum Island Resort – a destination that's primed to offer you not only beautiful seaside lodgings but also tours to satisfy any angler.

What's so great about Coco Plum Island Resort?

Let's jump right into it. If you can't get close enough to the water and absolutely need those Belize overwater bungalows, then Coco Plum's Overwater Villa has got you covered. Imagine waking up to the symphony of waves gently lapping the shore, and then stepping out onto your private veranda to savor an unmatched ocean panorama. With three bedrooms and three baths, this villa is a group retreat of extravagance and comfort, adorned with exotic furnishings and top-tier amenities. A fully equipped kitchen and spacious living room add a touch of homely indulgence, while the refreshing air conditioning and breathtaking sea vistas remind you that you're in paradise.


I know many of you are here for Belize fishing packages; so let's get into the meat of things and dive into the world of fishing, where Coco Plum caters to a variety of angling desires. Fun fact, Belize's coastal waters teem with an astonishing variety of fish, so you're in for a treat. Fancy some catch and release action in the shallow waters? Or perhaps you're ready to take on the challenge of hunting some deep sea prey? And if you're feeling particularly spontaneous, how about trying your hand at fly fishing right off the docks? Coco Plum's got it all covered with fly fishing, trolling, and deep sea tours – talk about casting a net wide!


But hey, the adventure doesn't stop at the island. If you're planning your visit for Easter in Belize 2024, mainland Belize has some vibrant surprises in store for you. Benque Viejo del Carmen comes alive with its Easter celebrations, featuring the mesmerizing Passion Play, captivating chalk art exhibitions, soul-stirring music, and more. If you're a cycling enthusiast, Holy Saturday's cross-country cycling is your chance to observe and cheer on the amateur racers or pedal along from Belize City to San Ignacio. And let's not forget the thrill of Easter Monday's horse races and the delectable ethnic cuisine awaiting you all across the country (including Coco Plum Caye!) – a true culinary voyage.


In essence, Belizean resorts are your gateway to Belize's coastal wonders and fishing thrills. And whether you wish to be unwinding in your overwater haven, feeling the sea breeze caress your skin, or embarking on a fishing expedition, Coco Plum is the place to be. So pack your curiosity, love for the ocean, and appetite for adventure; Belize is calling.