Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Specialist Education and Workforce Development Programs

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Job Description:

Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is seeking Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Specialist to fill an anticipated research and assessment project in education (primary and secondary), transition to employment, TVET and workforce development in Belize. The TVET Specialist will lead an assessment of TVET, workforce development, and transition to employment in Belize.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•         Design, manage, and lead an assessment of options for introduction of a National Training Agency, Skills Councils, or similar bodies to oversee the TVET sector in Belize.

•         Review the TVET governance systems internationally and in the region and propose various options for consideration.

•         Interview the MoECST, National Council of TVET (NCTVET), the business sector, TVET managers, Managing Authorities and a sample of instructors and trainees regarding their views on the various options.

•         Design, manage, and lead an assessment of options to improve the quality of trade instructors in TVET and technical high schools.

•         Conduct a review of current policies, practices, and instruments used in the recruitment, appointment, appraisal, promotion, and remuneration of TVET instructors and determining whether they are effective in promoting quality education.

•         Conduct interviews with relevant actors and stakeholders regarding their experience and perceptions with current hiring and appraisal policies, practices, and instruments for instructors.

•         Conduct a documentary analysis of current education/training and professional development programs and policies for instructors.

•         Make recommendations for introducing an effective governance system and improving the quality of instructors in the TVET sector.

•         Design, conduct and provide oversight of key information interviews (KIIs), focus group discussions (FGDs), and surveys; including recruitment of survey and data collectors.


•         At least a master’s degree in Education, Vocational Education and Training or Human Resource Development or a related field.

•         At least 5 years of professional experience in the TVET sector, preferably including experience at a TVET school.

•         Experience in conducting skills needs assessments and development or evaluation of education curricula preferred.

•         Experience working in the Caribbean or Central America preferred.

Interested candidates should submit their CV to [email protected]  by June 5, 2023