Teacher Education Specialist – Education, TVET and Workforce Development Programs

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Management & Training Corporation (MTC) is seeking a Teacher Education Specialist to fill an anticipated research and assessment project in education (primary and secondary), transition to employment, TVET and workforce development in Belize.

The Teacher Education Specialist will lead an assessment of the quality of current teacher and principal recruitment, appointment, appraisal, promotion and remuneration policies and practices (including processes and criteria for filling vacancies, adding new positions, and candidate selection) in Belize.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•         Conduct a review of current policies, practices, and instruments used in the recruitment, appointment, appraisal, promotion and remuneration of teachers and principals and determining whether they are effective in promoting quality education.

•         Design, and conduct interviews with relevant actors and stakeholders regarding their experience and perceptions with current hiring and appraisal policies, practices, and instruments for teachers and principals.

•         Make recommendations for improving the policies and practices of the MoECST related to teacher and principal recruitment, appointment, appraisal, promotion, and remuneration.

•         Conduct an assessment of the quality of school leadership including an assessment of the school leadership profiles and practices at the primary and secondary levels

•         Assess the quality of current education, training and professional development programs for school leaders and teachers (including philosophy, approaches, content/topics, admission and exit criteria, availability, accessibility, and resources available for delivery of programs.

•         Conduct interviews with personnel responsible for the supervision and administration of school leadership programs at the national and institutional levels to obtain their perspectives on challenges and priority areas for improvement.

•         Make recommendations for improving the policies, practices and programs related to the training and professional development of school leaders.

•         Conduct an assessment of the quality of teaching by reviewing teaching practices at the primary and secondary levels (including time on task and use of effective practices to promote development of cognitive and socio-emotional skills)

•         Assess the teachers’ content knowledge and competence in core curriculum subject areas.


•         At least a master’s degree in Education Leadership, Teacher Education, or related field

•         At least 10 years professional experience in the education sector

•         At least 5 years of experience in school administration or teacher training roles

•         Experience in developing or evaluating teacher training or professional development programs

•         Experience working in the Caribbean or Central America preferred.

Interested candidates should submit their CV to international@mtctrains.com  by June 5, 2023