Seeking temporary job to keep busy during summer break

Created by Mira Ramirez on

I am pursuing a Double Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and International Business, with minors in Psychlogy and Leadership Studies, at John Brown University, in Arkansas, USA. I will return to my home country (Belize) on May 5, 2018 and will come back to Arkansas on August 20, 2018. Thus, I will have almost 4 months of summer break. During this time I want to work because I like to keep busy and make good use of time. Therefore, if you have tedious work for which you do not need a permanent employee, I will be happy to help.

Other than business subjects, I have experience in research, statistics, culinary arts, chemistry, Biology, Physics, agriculture, etc. (a little bit of everything) so I can help with tasks not related to business. Nevertheless, business is my passion. So, if I can help you boost your sales, I will be excited to do so.

Please e-mail me if you have anything for me, to keep me busy. My e-mail address is: