Reservations Lead for Online Travel Agency

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Great Job Opportunity for Belize local looking to work from home. Must be fluent in English and Spanish. 

Job Title: Reservations Lead 

Employee Status: Contracted or Full-time

Experience: 3-5 years experience in tourism sales/customer service

Pay Rate: Competitive Wages Based on Experience

Language: Bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish required


Job Description

As a Reservations Lead, your primary responsibility will be to interact with potential customers, existing customers, and vendors on a daily basis. You’ll have a hand in creating incredible Caribbean vacations for the guests you work with and you’ll interact on phone calls, emails and chats to deliver an incredible customer experience! 

You will have to be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of our tour portfolio and the tourism industry in key markets throughout the Caribbean. You will be able to get familiar with tours through video, virtual training and possibly visits to experience tours in-person.  You will communicate by phone, email, and chat to provide travel planning advice, build itineraries for customers, problem-solve on the fly, and process online reservations. Equal parts sales and customer service, reservations agents maintain a friendly demeanor while working with customers to co-create their Caribbean vacation.   

Reservations Lead Team Responsibilities - As a Lead Agent you will be responsible for helping to build a team of other reservation agents as our company grows.  As you gain firsthand experience and knowledge of our company you will help to identify opportunities for new employee roles to help cover new markets and customer volume. In the future, you will manage new reservations agents with responsibility for onboarding, instilling rigor and process adoption, employee evaluation and quality assurance.  

You should possess excellent customer service and extraordinary interpersonal skills. Prior experience working in sales or customer service will be an advantage. You should have amazing verbal and written communication and phenomenal sales skills; you shouldn’t be timid to pick up the phone and talk to guests.

You must be self-motivated, be able to work independently as well as part of a team and have a high proficiency for navigating new technologies and using multiple programs and tools at once. 

You will also need strong organizational skills, written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to adapt to quick shifts in priority.

You will be integral to the accomplishment of the sales team’s activity and revenue goals, so in addition to having a high proficiency for learning new things, you will also need professional and flexible communication skills and the ability to coordinate well with a team.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Answering phone calls, emails, chats, and other inquiries regarding tours and excursions throughout the day.

  • Creating itineraries for cruise guests and independent travelers arriving to the Caribbean

  • Following up with potential clients and implementing strategies to increase bookings and sales.

  • Becoming familiar with the tours and excursions offered and learning the nuances involved in booking methods, customized itineraries, and vendor preferences.

  • Resolve disputes with customers by understanding their concerns and resolving them to their satisfaction

  • Meeting quarterly sales targets and customer satisfaction metrics

  • Participating in weekly team meetings by video conference

  • Developing expert-level skills in booking software, project management software, customer communication software, and other tools used to maintain accurate customer and reservation records.

  • Minimizing errors in day-to-day logistics by staying organized and collaborating with a remote team.

  • Provide excellent customer satisfaction to increase sales.

  • Suggest ways and devise strategies to improve sales in an effective manner.

  • Participating in the maintenance of relationships with vendors and ensuring a high level of vendor satisfaction.


Required Skills Include:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills used effectively in a business environment and working directly with customers and prospective customers

  • Experience working directly in a customer service role within the travel industry or hospitality industry

  • Sales experience in helping identify customer needs/wants and recommend top tours and instilling a sense of confidence in our company’s quality and commitment to excellence. 

  • Self-starter that is able to identify opportunities to improve our processes and customer service

  • Ability to lead, motivate, mentor, communicate and generally interact with team members

  • Proven experience collaborating with a team to achieve mutual goals

  • Demonstrated ability to navigate multiple software applications and an otherwise high proficiency for learning new technologies.

  • Ability to multi-task and problem-solve in a fast-paced environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to learn an organization, its purpose and priorities.

  • Strong organizational skills within a flexible and adaptive work environment.

  • Work experience in a team environment with minimal supervision, demonstrating an ability to work independently, prioritize, and take appropriate action.


Workspace Requirements:

This is a remote, work-from-home position with potential for occasional travel in the Caribbean.  All candidates must be able to maintain a workspace that will allow them to perform their responsibilities in a professional, orderly, and efficient manner. 40 hours a week, 5 days a week.  Background noise must be kept at a minimum to allow for an uninterrupted phone conversation.   Internet speed must be a minimum of 10 mbps.


How To Apply

Please email your resume to [email protected] and briefly describe why you feel you would be an excellent candidate for this role.