Maintenance Technician

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We are hiring General Maintenance staff to ensure the smooth operation of our hotel and provide exceptional experience for our guests and members. As General Maintenance Staff, you are responsible for all maintenance issues within the hotel, daily maintenance checks, and repairing mechanical equipment to deliver excellent Guest and Member experience.  


  1. Responsible for maintenance issues within Grand Baymen Gardens, La Hacienda Fleet and other properties and subsidiaries of ECI Development. 

  1. Perform daily checks around the hotel 

  1. Assist when instructed with the Inspection of Units before and after a stay at both Grand Baymen Gardens and La Hacienda (plumbing, electrical issues, ACs, doors, faucets, showers, heaters, lamps, bulbs, furniture and appliances, etc.). Assisting is defined as reporting any faulty issues or missing items including but not limited to this list.  

  1. Diagnose, maintain and repair mechanical equipment within the hotel.  

  1. Present a good demeanor when dealing with guest rooms and interacting with guests.  

  1. Maintenance of all hotel fixtures and fittings to ensure they are in safe condition and act when any unsafe situations arise.  

  1. Assist with garbage disposal when assigned.  

  1. Assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the pool and pool area when assigned.  

  1. Assist with cleaning of the grounds: raking, chopping, disposing of all garbage and leaves in their proper place.  

  1. Work on room renovation projects, mainly painting, tilling, varnishing, and repairing anything needed in the unit.  

  1. Work hand in hand with the rest of the maintenance team and the supervisor in ensuring there is a respectable and trustworthy working environment.  

  1. Assist when needed with carrying luggage for guests.  

  1. Perform special projects and other responsibilities as assigned.  

  1. Ensure grounds are well kept and garbage is properly disposed of throughout the property. 

  1. Submit a required daily maintenance report of all tasks completed in the day to the maintenance supervisor.