Looking for an IT-Internet Job

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My name is Jurgen and I am currently living in Germany. We are looking to migrate to Belize in August/September this year and hence I am seeking an employment opportunity in the IT Sector.

In a nutshell, I have some 30+ years experience in IT, Telco and specially Internet, with main focus on Security. I am also bringing solid management skills and I am very flexible regarding the industry.

If you have any openings or referral I would very much appreciate a contact via email to [email protected]. I gladly send you my CV detailing all my work experiences from Germany, South Africa (lived 13 years near Johannesburg) and Australia (lived 13 years in Melbourne) . I also recently (Dec. 2015) qualified as a CPT and CEH.

best regards and looking forward to getting some response...

Jurgen & Family