Live in Teen Mentor Available

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I am a retired senior who has spent his entire adult years mentoring and training young athletes.  I have been a Team Trainer for several sports including ice hockey, baseball, football and track and field for more than 50 years.  I have also been a Personal Trainer and mentor to many teen boys who have gone on to receive scholarships at US colleges. 
 My expertise is in preparation through stretching and various relaxation techniques along with visualization and partner stretching.  I also emphasis the importance of various recovery activities at the completion of every physical event.  All of the things that I do with my athletes add up to giving them the edge on other athletes who will probably never go through the same routines. 
 I have also been an EMT (ambulance driver) and clinics & other experiences as a team trainer have made me competent in treating and managing athletic injuries, as well as aggravating bumps and bruises.  I have done a great deal of counselling on everything from personal crisis to girlfriend problems.  
Since my retirement, I have hosted athletes in my home who wanted to be in an environment where they could better themselves and several of them have also received scholarships.  During the last couple of years, I have hosted and mentored International High School Students from Brazil and China who came to Canada in order to further their education. 
I am currently Team Trainer for one of the most successful High School Track and Field Teams in Canada but the coaches that I have been associated with there are retiring so I think it is a good time for me to make a change.  Therefore, I am offering my services as a personal trainer/mentor preferably somewhere that I don't need snow boots and parka. This in return for room and board or free accommodation. 
My website which illustrates many of my past athletes is