Distribution Supervisor

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Ensure HSSE compliance with the Operations and procedures of Road Transport according to the legal requirements of the company, identifying opportunities to reduce costs, and maximize efficiency of operations.

  • Implement transport contracting strategy identifying cost reduction opportunities controlling the cost per gallon per kilometer traveled. This in order to make constant cost reviews through an evaluation of the operation of the carriers.
  • Manage compliance with road transport contracts by following up on each of the parameters indicated in the contract, such as aspects of HSSE and service to evaluate the continuity of the contract.
  • Participate in the investigation of High Potential incidents by communicating the lessons learned in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that the Carriers constantly comply with the induction and training process of their drivers on time and with the requirements that Transport requires.
  • Approve procedures of non-routine activities or work permits when required, among which may be mentioned: changes of routes, work in confined spaces, work permits, tank welding, vaporization processes for the transport of special fuels.
  • Ensure that warehouse foreman is carrying out his duties in an efficient manner


Education Level: Mayor Studies completed in business administration, engineering or related fields.

Expertise: requieres knowledge in Logistics, HSSE procedures and distribution Procedures and tecnics.

Language: Bilingual.  Spanish and English

Work Experience: 3 year working experience or relevant experience

contact: [email protected]