Call Center Experts needed - work from home - BELIZE

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$8 to 10+/hour Belize Dollars + Bonus



US Company looking for reps with Excellent Communication Skills
+ Call Center Experience, and Outbound, and Sales…


·       Looking for enthusiastic agents

·       Great communicators, eloquent, with a high level of confidence, can follow a proven process, and have good outbound communication 

·       Work from home.


·       The position includes making survey calls for a USA Project, qualifying consumers/citizens, and communicating with the United States consumers/citizens/citizens.




  • Qualify eligible prospects, verify, and validate their information.
  • Follow a set process via a Script, Rebuttals, and communication guidelines
  • Provide additional information to prospects, overcome objections, and transfer as per guidelines
  • Create a positive experience for consumers/citizens
  • Ensure call records are properly stored and organized in a call center database
  • Selling skills, Confidence, eloquence, good command and pronunciation of the English language, warm and friendly disposition, and patience.
  • Sit at a workstation for long hours to interact with consumers/citizens using a computer, wired headset.


Technical Requirements:

  • Stable and fast internet/ fiber (10 up and 10 down speeds) is a pre-requisite.
  • Desktop or Laptop with Windows 10 or MAC - Dual Monitor Suggested
  • NO Chromebooks.
  • USB Headset a must (no wireless).
  • Quiet work environment with no background noises.


More about this job:

  • Working hours will be Monday through Friday, 11 am to 9 pm MST (Belize Time, 9 AM to 7 PM).
  • Minimum of 35 hours to a maximum of 40 hours is required per week, working 8 hours shifts per day.
  • Training paid.
  • Ready to start work ASAP.