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Future of Fish is currently leading a consultancy to update a previously published business plan for seaweed mariculture in Belize and the broader MAR region developed by Future of Fish in 2019. The updated business plan seeks to provide support for continued organic growth of the industry in existing markets as well as explore opportunities for more scalable strategies to expand the current product types and markets in Belize and beyond. The business plan will need to consider multiple growing techniques including a floating raft system captured in the existing business plan, in addition to a submersible system which is new technology.

The consultant will work with Future of Fish staff to gather data and information to create a comprehensive updated business plan for the two growing technologies. Data will be acquired through interviews with project partners including existing growers, non-profit support organizations, supply chain and demand side businesses. The data shall be documented in traditional business plan format updating existing detailed documents and pro forma analysis.

The consultant will be responsible for business and market analysis of the following categories:

Farming Operations

  • Gather data related to farm construction and operation documenting and modeling inputs, production, processing, logistics, etc... for floating and submergible technologies;
  • Gather data and provide analysis for various product forms and value added products in regards to processing needs and costs as well as packaging and logistics to get products to market.

Market Analysis

  • Acquiring data provided by Future of Fish staff and other project partners, to provide a market analysis including:
  • Projected growth for existing products in the market;
  • High-level analysis of market for consumables not currently being produced; and
  • High-level analysis for seaweed for other uses in Belize and the region including but limited to fertilizers and animal feed.

Supply Side Industry Assessments

  • Run analysis scenarios of various farm sizes and production scaling with technology and farm siting variables to determine the most efficient scaling of supply side production to grow the industry in highest value markets.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Document risks and mitigation strategies through analysis and research related to individual farm operations.


The consultant will be responsible for leading on updating the existing business plan

documents which include:

  • Standard business plan format including operational plans and market analysis
  • Pro forma analysis to model:
  • Standardized seaweed farming units for floating and submersible systems;
  • Market analysis projections
  • Supply Side Industry Assessment
  • Spreadsheet analysis of scenarios for supply side growth of the industry


  • 3 or more years of experience conducting business plan analysis including development of pro forma models.
  • Experience with small scale producers is preferred.
  • Must be located in Belize and have provide your own transportation to make site visits to farm locations
  • Excellent written communication including technical writing.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Advanced to expert skills in Excel.


If interested in the position, please provide a 2 to 3 page proposal including:

  • a description of the methodology
  • siting examples of related work
  • providing up to 3 references;
  • Day or hourly rate for services.

Please send a copy of your proposal to no later than November 18th. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis so we encourage you to submit your proposal asap.