Belize Legal Drafter – Specialist Advisor IV

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The Advisor will provide the following assistance support to INL Belmopan and the Government of Belize:

  • Assist the government of Belize to engage in legislative reforms to combat corruption and to enact best practices in governance for both the executive and the legislature that will ensure meaningful accountability and transparency. These include:
    1. Legislation to empower and strength the Integrity Commission, Elections and Boundaries Commission, the Office of the Contractor General, and the Office of the Auditor General;
    2. The implementation of a government procurement process rules and protocols through an E- marketplace for the government to ensure fairness, competition and transparency in the procurement of supplies, works and services;
    3. Legislation to reduce discretionary ministerial powers and eliminate political intervention in the public service;
    4. Reform of the public service regulations and protocols to introduce rules and regulations that will ensure public officers are hired and promoted based on merit and not simply years of service or because of political allegiance or reticence, ensure greater accountability in the public service, better service to the general public, and that will seek to eliminate corruption within the public service;
    5. Introduction of legislation with measures to protect whistle-blowers and witnesses involved in corruption cases;
    6. Reform of our electoral laws to modernize them and to ensure that they allow for transparency and fairness to all stakeholders in the electoral process to ensure that our democracy is truly representative of the people; and
    7. Reform the standing orders that govern the National Assembly to allow for a healthier debate on issues and greater accountability to the public.
  • Liaise with responsible Government Ministries/Departments and stakeholders regarding policy and drafting instructions;
  • Undertake a review of relevant national legislation in relation to the drafting instructions;
  • Prepare draft legislation and protocols;
  • Work together with the responsible Government legal office responsible for legislative drafting (e.g. Attorney General’s office or Parliamentary Counsel) on the development of the draft legislation;
  • Consult with stakeholders and develop consultation reports containing consultation outcomes, analysis of the recommendations from consultations, and a list of people consulted;
  • Facilitate consultation on draft legislation and train line ministries on enforcement of draft legislation;
  • Develop supporting material, including explanatory memorandum or white paper, legislation implementation plan and Cabinet paper for the draft legislation;
  • Be prepared to support draft model legislative briefs.
  • Works closely with the INL Belize section, and specifically the Criminal Justice Sector Program
  • Monitors and Evaluates programs for impact is a critical part of the required duties.
  • Supports, assists, and advises INL Belize in its support to the Government of Belize on police reform across the nation.
  • Provides evaluation and feedback to INL Belize.
  • Makes recommendations for the most effective solutions.
  • National and international travel may be required.
  • A work plan is required for this position.
  • Report to and provide regular updates to the Attorney General and the Solicitor General;
  • Consult internally with the Solicitor General or a Senior Crown Counsel on technical policy issues;
  • Provide advice, where in the opinion of the drafter, new Bills or amendments may conflict with existing legislation;
  • Provide legislative drafting assistance in line with national, technical and procedural
  • Provides weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of relevant program activity, progress toward desired impacts, recommendations for advancing program and U.S. objectives, project highlights, and other relevant significant information including metrics, milestones achieved, and other relevant statistical data.
  • Reports on scheduled upcoming meetings, trainings, and other activities.