Wan a di Afrikan Langwij fi Sohn Kriol Wod

Fi di paas too week dehn, wi mi-di shyaa sohn a di Kriol wod dehn weh kohn fahn sohn a di Afrikan langwij dehn. Wi mi shyaa sohn fahn Yoruba, Ibo (Igbo), Kikoongo (Kikongo), Ewe, ahn fahn wahn Afrikan langwij nayhn Twi. Tudeh wi shyaa sohn moa fahn Twi. Wen yu seh "Twi" karek, ih fi song sohnting laik Chwee. Yu ku googl how fi seh Twi karek. Tudeh, wi kloaz aaf dis seeriz wid sohn Kriol wod weh kohn fahn Twi, ahn sohn a dehnya aalso deh eena ada langwij.

Anansi (var: Anaansi, Hanaasi, Hanansi) n.
Anancy; character in Kriol folklore that looks like a spider.
Anansi ahn Bra Taiga da neva reeli fren.
Anansi and Brother Tiger were never really friends.
[<Afr. Twi 'ananse' spider]

bam brigidim buf ono.
sound of someone falling or colliding, or sudden occurrence of something. (Each word can be used alone. The addition of 'buf' means that whatever has fallen cannot be stood up again.)
Di fat man faal dong – bam brigidim buf!
The fat man fell down kaboom!

waawa adj.
cowardly, fearful; weak and spineless. (Usually refers to males.)
Da lee bwai oanli waawa; ih frayd fi ih oan shado.
That little boy is really cowardly; he's afraid of his own shadow.
See: fenkehfenkeh, frayda, kowad, malehleh, week.

Yu ku chek sohnting fi free eena di Kriol-Inglish dikshineri da: https://www.sil.org/resources/archives/10602

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