Valentainz Chaaklit, Sweet, ahn Flowaz

chaaklit n. chocolate.
Dehn mek di baybi eet tu moch chaaklit; dats wai ih soh fat.
The let the baby eat too much chocolate; that's why he's so fat.

Ah mi laik di chaaklit aiskreem weh yu mi gi mi.
I liked the chocolate ice cream you gave me.

flowaz n. flower. (Both sg. & pl.)
Tifani bwaifren gi ahn sohn priti flowaz fi Valentainz.
Tiffany's boyfriend gave her some pretty flowers for Valentine's Day.

flowaz pat n.phr. vase.
Sayk a di fait, dehn bwai lik dong di hoal flowaz pat a flowaz fahn aaf a di taybl.
Because they were fighting, the boys knocked the vase of flowers from the table.

sweet adj. sweet.
Di laydi ga sohn flowaz weh smel sweet.
The woman has some flowers that smell very sweet.

n. 2) sweets, candy, dessert. (Both sg. & pl.)
Weh Karol lee gyal eet soh moch sweet, ih teet dehn geh ratn op.
Carol's little girl's teeth got rotten because she ate so much candy.
See: dezert.

v. amuse, make one laugh.
Da joak weh Babzi gi mi oanli sweet mee.
That joke that Babsy gave me really made me laugh.

sweet mowt n.phr. flattering mouth.
Shee kaal evribadi 'daalin' ahn 'pet', kaa shee ga sweet mowt.
She calls everybody 'darling' and 'pet' because she has a flattering mouth.

sweet op v.phr. butter up, play up to, be nice to.
Amaari wahn chrai sweet op ih ma fi mek ih goh da paati.
Amari will try to play up to her mom so she can go to the party.
See: sweet-taak.

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