Sohn Sentens Bowt Weda

Enitaim weda di kohn, mi grampa aachraitis staat tu ak op.
Whenever bad weather is coming, my grandpa’s arthritis starts to act up.

Big weda di kohn soh dehn hafu mikays lang di man kraas di riva.
Bad weather is coming so they have to hurry to carry the man across the river.

Dis koal weda ga mi skin luk fereh.
This cold weather has my skin looking dry and scaly.
[See aalso in di Kriol dictionary]: hashishi, yagayaga.

Laik how rayni weda di kohn, mi pa put gota rong ahn rong di howstap fi mek di waata ron aaf.
Because the rainy season is coming, my father put drainpipes all around the roof so that the water can run off.

Luk how da gyal ga ih baybi owt ya eena dis koal weda wid oanli pampaz aan; ih mosi haaflait er sohnting.
Look how that girl has her baby out here in the cold weather with only pampers on. She must be half crazy or something.

Wen koal weda kohn, aal mi jaint dehn hat mi.
When cold weather comes, all of my joints hurt me.

Weh di son soh hat, ih mek yu si jrai weda jombi front a yu.
Because the sun is so hot, it makes you see heat waves in front of you.

Weda (weather)
Laik how rayni weda di kohn, lat a maskito wahn deh.

Since the rainy weather is coming, there will be lots of mosquitos.

Weda (whether)
Ah noh noa weda fi goh da di paati er stay hoahn.

I don’t know whether to go to the party or stay home.

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