Relativ Proanong eena Kriol

Fahn taim tu taim, wi shyaa sohnting bowt di grama a Bileez Kriol. Sir Colville Young, mi
staat op dis werk eena 1973. Eena di 1990s, di Bileez Kriol Projek a di Nashanal Kriol Kongsl
kantinyu, wid help fahn SIL Lingwistiks Groop ahn Mista Ken Decker. Tudeh, wi kantinyu wi
grama lesn eena Kriol, ahn wi di foakos pahn relativ proanong eena Kriol. Wi tank Ken Decker
fu put dis eksplanayshan tugeda eena The Song of Kriol: A Grammar of the Kriol Language of
Weh yu si biloa kohn fahn payj 48 eena di buk.


4.2.6 [in Kriol] RELATIVE PRONOUNS are weh and hoofa, and they are similar to
interrogative pronouns. Relative pronouns always follow the noun, or noun
phrase, to which they are referring. A relative pronoun always marks the
beginning of a relative, or embedded, clause. (See § There may be more
than one relative pronoun in a sentence, if there is more than one relative clause. 


Ai si di hows weh bon op laas nait. (I saw the house that burned up last night.) 
Ah gaan si di man hoofa han mi kripl op. 
(I went to see the man whose hand was crippled [disabled].) 

“Weh” may be dropped from the sentence if it is the object of the relative clause
[as can be done in English too.].

Dehn bai op aal di froot weh wi mi bring da maakit. 
Dehn bai op aal di froot wi mi bring da maakit.

(They bought all the fruit that we had brought to the market.)
[They bought all the fruit we had brought to the market.]

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