Pleez Pleez, Enibadi Noa Seh Wen Dis Vairos Wahn Don?

Noabadi noa. Batam a 2019, wi mi staat hyaa bowt it. Ih neva eevn ga nayhn yet. Tap a 2020, ih staat spred kraas di hoal werl, bot stil wi mi-di tink: Hmmmm, if wi jos wash wi han gud gud-wan ahn soashal distans, wi maita oakay. Den … bam brigidim buf! Pandemik. Di hoal werl staat lakdong. Faysmaas. Bileez sofa. Wi wori tee, dina, tee.

Bai en a 2020, wi staat si lee hoap wid vakseen. Bai tap a 2021, wi staat kech wi bret lee bit. Ahn Bileez staat geh vakseen. Bai migl a disya yaa, 2021, Bileez pipl hoo mi waahn vakseen neva had no chrobl di get it. Tudeh day, da noh evribadi geh di ful vakseen yet, bot moa ahn moa Bileez pipl don geh dehn dobl vakseen. Wi mi staat oapn op. Yaapoat oapn op. Wi staat si di lait da di en a di Covid-19 road.

Den... bam brigidim buf agen! Delta Covid staat spred aal oava. Kerfyoo bak. Mi fren ded a Covid. Mi kozn ded a Covid. Dobl vakseen help lat a wi, bot da noh fu shoar shoar yu wahn ku stil beet dong di Covid if yu ga badi prablem yu don ga chrobl wid. Now, fos week eena Disemba 2021, nyooz di brok: Wahn neks nyoo Covid schrayn di staat op. Pleez, pleez: Enibadi noa seh wen dis vairos wahn don?

Pray fi Bileez. Pray fi di werl.

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Kriol is the language spoken by many Belizeans, especially the Creole people of Belize. Although it is often perceived as a dialect of English, it is indeed it's own language with grammar and spelling rules. The National Kriol Council of Belize was created to promote the culture and language of the Kriol people of Belize, as well as harmony among all the ethnic groups of Belize. Please visit the website of the National Kriol Council of Belize for lots of good information about the Kriol language and the Creole people.

The Kriol Council has been kind enough to send us the weekly "Weh Wi Ga Fi Seh" column that is usually published in the Reporter.

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