Oanli 2 Dayz Lef

Di dedlain fi sen een yu shaat stoari enchri da Novemba 1, 2021, fi enta fi win di 2022 Kamanwelt Shaat Stoari Praiz awaad ahn praiz moni! Noh figet: Az wi mi-di tel unu dehnya paas foa week now—If yoo rait shaat toari, ahn yu ej da 18 er oava: Fain owt moa infamayshan ahn bowt aal di roolz ahn how fi sen een yu Kriol (er Inglish) shaat stoari da:

Sohn sentens fahn di Kriol-Inglish dikshineri wid di wod "stoari." Yu aalso ku seh "toari."

ben v. bend.
If pin neva ben Naansi stoari neva en.
If the pen doesn't bend, Anansi's story never ends. (Traditional ending to folktales.)

bifoa taim adv.phr. long ago, in the past.
Bifoa taim taksi neva deh; wi yoostu waak.
Long ago we didn't have taxis; we used to walk.

See: lang taim, walam paas mowt, woz.
adj.phr. old-time.
Dis da wahn bifoa taim stoari yu di tel mi.
This is an old-time story you're telling me.

duwaaf n. dwarf.
Dehn aalwayz yoostu tel wi stoari bowt wahn duwaaf weh nayhn Tata Duhendeh.
They always told us stories about a dwarf who was named Tata Duhendeh.

eksaiting adj. exciting.
Ah hyaa wahn eksaiting stoari yestudeh.
I heard an exciting story yesterday.

hib ahn lang shoa v.phr. call to continue after an interruption in story-telling. (Literally: throw it along the shore)
Ah laik wen mi grampa di tel stoari ahn sohnbadi intarop bikaa aal a wi ku hala, "Hib ahn lang shoa!"
I like it when my grandfather is telling a story and someone interrupts because then all of us can shout, "Let the story continue!"

kantinyu v. continue.
Di teecha kantinyu di stoari di neks day.
The teacher continued the story the next day.
See: kip aan, stodi.

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