Nais Aypril Breez di Bloa

Aypril n. April.
Wi laik wen Eesta jrap eena Aypril kaa di weda aalwayz gud.
We like it when Easter falls in April because the weather is always good.

bloo maalin n. large saltwater fish with long bill and tall dorsal fin.
Wen wi gaahn da see fi Eesta, mi breda kech wahn big bloo maalin.
When we went out to sea for Easter, my brother caught a big blue marlin.

Eesta n. Easter.
Eesta da wen wi selibrayt wen Jeezas ded, ahn wen ih beri, ahn wen ih rayz op bak.
Easter is when we celebrate the death of Jesus, and when he was buried, and when he rose back to life.

faas2 v. fast; abstain from all or certain foods for religious or dietary purposes.
Jeezas faas fi faati dayz ahn faati naits.
Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights.

fiziknat n. physic nut; a kind of tree.
Mi ma aalwayz gi wi fiziknat waata fi jrink wen di weda hat soh dat ih ku kool wi badi.
My mother always soaks a branch from the physic nut tree in water and gives us to drink when the weather is hot, so as to keep our bodies cool.
[The gum of the tree is usually white; however, it is said that on Good Friday it runs red (or brown), and people call it ‘Jeezas Blod’.]

Hoap unu Aypril 4, 2021, Eesta Sondeh, da-mi wahn gud gud wan!

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