Moa Bowt Di Yoos a "Pahn"

pahn (variant: pan) preposition.

1) on, upon.
Dehn put di kripl man pahn wahn schrecha. They put the disabled man on a stretcher.

2) at. Stap di luk pahn mi laik dat. Stop looking at me like that.

3) about. Weh yu ga fi seh pahn weh wi mi-di taak bowt? What do you have to say about what we were talking about?

Pahn tap (phrase) also, moreover, furthermore

pahn tap a dat (phrase) on top of that, furthermore.

Mi nayba sen ih son fi bara mi hama; pahn tap a dat, ih waahn nayl tu. My neighbour sent his son to borrow my hammer; on top of that, he wants nails too.

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Kriol is the language spoken by many Belizeans, especially the Creole people of Belize. Although it is often perceived as a dialect of English, it is indeed it's own language with grammar and spelling rules. The National Kriol Council of Belize was created to promote the culture and language of the Kriol people of Belize, as well as harmony among all the ethnic groups of Belize. Please visit the website of the National Kriol Council of Belize for lots of good information about the Kriol language and the Creole people.

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