Mi Frayvrit Ting Dehn

Eena di Bileez Kriol langwij, yu wahn hyaa "frayvrit" fi di Kriol a di Ingish wod "favorite/ favourite." Di fos Inglish spelin da Amerikan Inglish spelin ahn di sekan wan da British Inglish spelin a disya wod. Wel, eena Kriol, da mosi oanli pipl weh now ga lat a Inglish eena dehn Kriol taakin hoo wahn seh dis az "fayvrit." Pipl tel wi seh dat di moas Kriol Kriol way da "frayvrit." Bot, wicheva yoo seh, wat da sohn a fi yoo frayvrit ting dehn? Dehnya sentens da fahn di Kriol dikshineri:

frayvrit adj. favourite.
Dat da Saiman frayvrit sang.
That is Simon's favourite song.

grong food n. ground food; any root vegetable or tuber type food.
Sweet pitayta ahn kasaava da mi frayvrit kain a grong food.
Sweet potato and cassava are my favourite kinds of ground food.

See: bred kain, grong bikl.

lemanayd lemonade; a carbonated soft drink, locally produced and available in a variety of fruit flavours.
Red lemanayd da mi frayvrit saaf jrink.
Red lemonade is my favourite soft drink.

See: saaf jrink.

schrech-mi-gots n. taffy made from the water of the young coconut.
Wen Ah mi smaal mi frayvrit sweet da-mi schrech-mi-gots.
When I was small my favourite candy was taffy.

sobjek n. subject.
Maakos frayvrit sobjek da skool da mats.
Marcus favourite subject at school is math.

See: tapik.

taat n. tart.
Mai frayvrit dezert da kuknat taat.
My favourite dessert is coconut tart.

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