Maach Een Moa Wod Link tu Afrika

Laas week, az paat a Blak Hischri Mont, wi mi shyaa sohn Kriol wod weh kohn fahn sohn Afrikan langwij. Wi ga dehnya eena di Kriol-Inglish dikshineri. Wen Ah mi tel sohn pipl Ah mi wahn du dis, dehn mi soh laik di aidyaa dat wi disaid seh fi shyaa moa dis week ahn neks week tu! Soh, si sohn moa ya.:

Kriol Wod   Inglish Meenin   Afrikan Langwij fi di Wod
buru a Kriol music style Yoruba
dukunu a food made with corn Twi
senseh fowl a type of chicken Twi
shekreh shaky, unstable Kikoongo

buru n.
Kriol style of music and dance, also known as 'brokdong'.
Di buru da wahn kain a Kriol myoozik stail laik weh Leela Vernan sing.
The buru is a style of Kriol music like that which Leela Vernon sings.
See: brokdong.

dukunu n.
ground green corn boiled in a corn leaf.
Yu ku smel di kaan eena di dukunu.
You can smell the corn in the dukunu.

senseh fowl n.
a type of chicken that has its feathers curled backwards.
Da how fi yoo hyaa luk fegi laik senseh fowl?
Why does your hair look tousled like a chicken whose feathers have been ruffled?

shekreh adj.
shaky, unstable, wobbly.
Noh sidong pahn da chyaa kaa ih shekreh.
Don't sit on that chair because it's shaky.
See: krenki. [<Afr. Kikoongo 'shakal' shabby]

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