Di nayzal /hn/ eena Kriol

Di ada day Ah geh wahn mesij seh sohn pipl mi-di aks bowt wat da di meenin a di /hn/ song eena di Bileez Kriol langwij. Dehn mi noatis seh dat wi put eena di fos edishan a di dikshineri dat wi ga di nayzal song pahn sohn wod. Moas a di taihn, wi seh ahn rait dehnya wod wid di nayzal song (ekzampl: "kohn") bot sohntaihn, speshali wen di wod kohn da di en a wahn sentens, wi seh ahn rait it widowtn di nayzal song (ekzampl: "kom").

sohn/som [some] pahn/pan [on]
wahn/wan [a, an] kohn/kom [come]
nayhn/naym [name] taihn/taim [time]

Fu sohn ada wod, wi seem fi aalwayz she dehndeh wid di nayzal song, sohn wi rait dehndeh wan aalwayz wid di nayzal song:

waahn [want] hihn (aalso jos "ih") [he, him]

Pahn tap, bak eena 2016, wi mi shyaa eena dis "Weh Wi Ga Fi Seh" sohn feedback fahn wahn reeda a di The REPORTER, Mista Yacine Coly. Hihn mi noatis seh dat wi du dis nayzalizayshan wid lat moa wod dan wi shoa eena di dikshineri. Hihn mi shyaa di falawin, ahn wi bring it bak tudeh fi remain unu, ahn aks unu fi shyaa weh unu tink:

KRIOL: difrahn (noh jos "difrant")
ENGLISH: different

Di bifoa-taihn [bifoa-taim] wod "datira":
KRIOL: Da datira mek hihn kohn bak soh layt.
ENGLISH: It is that which caused him to come back so late.
or > That is why he came back so late.

"Datira" ahn "difrahn" noh deh eena di fos edishan a di Kriol dikshineri weh mi kohn owt eena 2007(wee ga "datideh" ahn "difrant"), bot wi wahn put it eena di neks edishan az wahn neks way Kriol pipl taak, ahn speshali oalda pipl.

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Kriol is the language spoken by many Belizeans, especially the Creole people of Belize. Although it is often perceived as a dialect of English, it is indeed it's own language with grammar and spelling rules. The National Kriol Council of Belize was created to promote the culture and language of the Kriol people of Belize, as well as harmony among all the ethnic groups of Belize. Please visit the website of the National Kriol Council of Belize for lots of good information about the Kriol language and the Creole people.

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