Dedlain di Kohn Op

Noh figet: Az wi mi-di tel unu dehnya paas chree week now—If yoo rait shaat toari, ahn yu ej da 18 er oava, dedlain fi sen een yu shaat stoari enchri da Novemba 1, 2021 fi enta fi win di 2022 awaad ahn praiz moni! Fain owt moa infamayshan ahn bowt aal di roolz ahn how fi sen een yu Kriol (er Inglish) shaat stoari da:

stoari n.
1) story; the telling of a happening, whether true or fictitious.
Di gyal mi waahn yehr wahn lee stoari, soh Ah tel dehn wahn chroo chroo stoari bowt wen Ah mi smaal.
The girls wanted to hear a little story, so I told them a true story about when I was small.

2) lie.
Paal laik tel stoari; yu kyaahn bileev weh hihn seh.
Paul likes to tell lies; you can't believe a thing that he says.
See: lai.

adj. untruthful.
Yu tu stoari; Ah noh bileev yu.
You're too much of a liar; I don't believe you.
See: laiyad.

haas ded ahn kow fat stoari n.phr.
ridiculous story. (Literally: 'horse dead and cow fat')
Wen Ah aks Kerk bowt how ih neva kohn fiks mi lait, ih gi mi sohn haas ded ahn kow fat stoari.
When I asked Kirk why he didn't come fix my light, he gave me some ridiculous story.

kak ahn bul stoari n.phr.
cock and bull story; ridiculous story (usually told as an excuse for wrongdoing)
Chaalz kohn wid wahn kak ahn bul stoari seh too bwai teef mi baik fan ahn, bot Ah noh bileev ahn ataal.
Charles came with some ridiculous story that two boys had stolen my bike from him, but I don't believe him at all.
[<Fr. to Eng. 'cock and bull story' to jump from the cock to the bull or donkey]

naansi stoari n.phr.
ridiculous story, tall tale.
Yu kyaahn bileev weh Mayri shee seh kaa shee aalwayz kohn wid sohn naansi stoari.
You can't believe what Mary says because she always comes with some tall tale.
[By extension from 'Anansi' the spider a folk tale character of African ancestry]

toari n. story; gossip.
Mee neva yehr weh mi hapm tu Joazi; kohn ahn gi mi toari.
I didn't hear what happened to Josie; come and tell me the whole story.
See: gasip, yehriso.

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