Big Op Bileez

bai Mista Bunny Panting
Wi tank di layt Mista Bunny Panting fu dis poayem.



Dis da noh no separayshan taim;
Dis da di reel salabrayshan taim.
Dis da taim fu wi big op Bileez,
Yes, dis da di taim fu chroa weh di P's.




Goh kleen op yu bakyaad, front yaad ahn eensaid
Mek di farina noa seh Bileezhan ga praid.
Ahn dat noh oanli di lan shuda geh prayz,
Bot da di pipl dehn aalso ga lovabl wayz.



Wen Gaad mi tek taim ahn toch dis pees a grong,
Ih mi bles ahn wid richiz ahn chrezhaz proafong.
Now wee weh inherit it mos mek shoar wi stan firm
Ahn prisaav ahn protek it fahn eni kain a haam.



Di sayhn way laik how fu wee granpayrens a oal,
Mi kip it in sayfti ahn fahn enimi did hoal.
Soh dat di genarayshan dehn weh kohn afta wee,
Kyan feel prowd seh wi lef dehn wahn gran legasi.



Ahn if wi waahn pees wid wi aalwayz fu stay,
Memba aalwayz, tu Gaad wi mos neel dong ahn pray.


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Kriol is the language spoken by many Belizeans, especially the Creole people of Belize. Although it is often perceived as a dialect of English, it is indeed it's own language with grammar and spelling rules. The National Kriol Council of Belize was created to promote the culture and language of the Kriol people of Belize, as well as harmony among all the ethnic groups of Belize. Please visit the website of the National Kriol Council of Belize for lots of good information about the Kriol language and the Creole people.

The Kriol Council has been kind enough to send us the weekly "Weh Wi Ga Fi Seh" column that is usually published in the Reporter.

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