Janiweri Don – Welkom Febiweri

Da how yoo greet peepl (pipl)? Yu ku greet dehn eena wahn faamal way, er eena wahn evriday way. Tudeh, az wi seh gudbai tu Janiweri 2020 ahn welkom Febiweri 2020, wi shyaa sohn difrant way fi greet peepl (pipl) eena Kriol.


Kriol Inglish
Aftanoon; gud aftanoon Afternoon; good afternoon
Da hoo dat? Who is that?
Eevnin; gud eevnin Evening; good evening
Heloa Hello
How yu du tudeh? How are you doing today?
How tingz? How are things?
Maanin; gud maanin Morning; good morning
Nait; gud nait Night; good night
Weh di goh aan? What’s up?
Welkom Welcome


Gud maanin, Mis Laydi. How yu du tudeh? Weh di goh aan? Aal gud? Welkom tu mi hows. Kohn kohn nyam op sohn nais nais food wid mi. Wat? Yu noh noa weh “nyam op” meen? Ih meen kohn “eet op.” Aah…da mosi weh yoo da yong gyal yu noh noa bowt “nyam op.” Bot goh goh aks di oal laydi rong di kaana. Shee wahn noa bowt “nyam op.” Den kohn bak kohn injai dis nais food wid mi!

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Kriol is the language spoken by many Belizeans, especially the Creole people of Belize. Although it is often perceived as a dialect of English, it is indeed it's own language with grammar and spelling rules. The National Kriol Council of Belize was created to promote the culture and language of the Kriol people of Belize, as well as harmony among all the ethnic groups of Belize. Please visit the website of the National Kriol Council of Belize for lots of good information about the Kriol language and the Creole people.

The Kriol Council has been kind enough to send us the weekly "Weh Wi Ga Fi Seh" column that is usually published in the Reporter.

Check back weekly for new articles.

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