Gudnis! Janiweri Don—Febiweri Deh Ya!

Yes! 2019 di moav rait lang! Az wi enta di lov mont, Febiweri mont, di shaat
mont, mek wi shyaa sohn  a di way Kriol yooz “jres (dress)”…sayka wi noa seh
sohn a unu wahn waahn jres op fi Febiweri 14….di lov day!


jres  v. dress. Di laydi ga sohn nyoo kloaz an ih jres kwait prapa. The woman
         has some new clothes and she’s dressed quite properly.  — n. dress. Da
         laydi di luk fi wahn nyoo jres.
That woman is looking for a new dress.
         See: dandan, frak, gong.

jres dong  v.phr. move over, make room on a seat for others. Jres dong, mek di
        lee gyal sidong said a yu.
Move over so the little girl can sit next to you.

jres op  v.phr. dress up. Dehn lee gyal laik jres op eena dehn ma kloaz. Little
        girls like to dress up in their mothers’ clothes.

jres op no pus bak fut  Idiom. phr. dress up in one’s best. (Literally: ‘dress up
        no puss back foot’) Mee dehdeh aal jres op no pus bak fut, ahn hihn
        kohn pik mi op eena wahn oal pemperem.
I was all dressed up in my
        nicest things when he came to pick me up in a junky old car.


                   Plos 3 ada werd weh ga “jres” eena di werd
jresa  n. shelf hanging outside of a window for washing dishes. Evri week mi
          sista mi hafu skrob dong di jresa weh wi wash op pan.
Every week my
          sister had to scrub down the shelf where we washed dishes.


jresin  n. medical dressing. Afta mi aparayshan, Ah mi hafu goh evri week fi
           chaynj di jresin.
After my operation, I had to go in every week to change
           the dressing.


jresn taybl  n. dressing table. Aal kain a perfyoom deh pahn Klaara jresn
There are all kinds of perfume on Clara’s dressing table.


Silvaana Udz, Ed.D da fahn Bileez. If yu waahn tel shee bowt sohnting speshal fu put eena dis Kriol
aatikl, eemayl:          Vizit:

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