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Belmopan Stores and Gift Shops

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Capital Sales Bikeshop - Venus Complex, 822-2923
Garden City Store Bicycles - Constitution Dr., 822-0771


Balani's - Venus Complex, 822-2654
T&J's Boutique & Gift Shop - PC.Com Building
Oh So Cute - PC.Com
LA Fashions TOO - Capital City Plaza, 822-1338
Little Lady Boutique - Capital City Plaza, 631-6558
Fashion and More (complex beside Wingstop) - Mountain View  Blvd

Florists & Gift Shops

Art Box Handicrafts, Gifts & Souvenirs- Mile 46 Western Hwy., 822-2233
First Choice Variety Gift Store - End of Blue Creek St., 822-1541
Hibiscus Gift Shop - Market Square, 822-1418
Vi's Unique Florist Arrangements - 1907 Constitution Dr., 802-0258/802-0668/623-7728

Music Supplies & Accessories

Covenant Books & Music Supply - 15 Guanacaste Park St., 630-7152/822-2007


Covenant Books & Music Supply - 15 Guanacaste Park St., 822-2007/630-7152
Daker's Stationary and Books - Brodies Shopping Center, 822-2777


Cellular Plus - Garden City Plaza, 822-0701
Jimmy's Wireless - Constitution Dr., 822-1325

Home Supplies

Barack Trading Center - Next to Alwin's Supermarket, 822-0590

Shoe Stores

The Shoe Box - Birkenstock - Unit #11 Garden City Plaza, 822-0727
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Office Supplies

A&R - Corner Constitution Dr and Almond Dr., 822-3301
Angelus Press - Constitution Dr., 822-3861/822-3863
Daker's Stationary & Books - 8 Shopping Center, 822-2777

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