Virtual Assistant

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Looking for a bilingual Virtual Assistant, must have a minimum of a 6th Form Degree or Associates degree. Should be fluent in English and Spanish, speaking and writing. 
The job will be majorly comprised of email communication, the successful candidate will be promoted to outbound calling in addition to emails. Compensation is per email and per hour on calls. The outbound calling candidate will be eligible for bonuses as well.  

The sucessful candidate will need to be available Mon - Fri (periodically on Sat & Sun) between the hours of 8am - 4pm. For the first few weeks, the candidate should be available approximately 2 + hours a day, increasing as the months go by. Position will be started as a part-time temporary position with possibilty to increase as a full time permanent position.

All training will be provided, no prior exerience necessary. Customer relations experience, proper email and phone etiquette will be a plus. Must have a GMail acct.
Previous experience working as a VA will be highly favoured. Will need to have a Paypal or Payoneer Acct.

Interested persons should send an email to [email protected]; follow the below instructions:-  

The subject of your email should be titled one of the following:
Book smart + Your Name
Street smart + Your Name

  • What experience do you have in customer relations / customer service?
  • Start off your email saying why you chose the title of your subject.
  • Include something you would like for me to know about yourself.
  • What are some of your weaknesses? List atleast three (3)
  • Name your biggest strenghts.
  • Do you have any questions for me?
  • Name the types of jobs you have had where good customer relations were essential.
  • Do you ask questions? Or figure it out?
  • Do you work best on your own? Or as part of a team?
  • Name your best quality - (in general). 
  • What has been your biggest acheivement so far?

Your email should flow; feel free to organize the bulleted points in order to acheive this.
Kindly attach a copy of your diploma with the highest level of education you possess.

Successful candidates will be screened before the interview process.
Looking for one (1) candidate only.