Di fosin ahn di faitn ahn di waar mos don

Wahn papula Kyaribeeyan sang gat een di lain "Di fosin ahn fi faitn ahn di waar mos don." Tudeh day, ih luk laik di minit di vairos mi-di staat eez dong, Roshya staat waar wid Yookrayn. Mi haat bleed fi aal di det ahn vailens. Ahn den poa pregnant laydi, di pikni dehn, di oal peepl dehn weh di sofa er don now ded, aal sayk a wan man da Roshya. Wai, wai, wai, WAI? Tudeh, wi di yooz di lain fahn di sang fi memba seh dat eena wi oan evriday laif, wi ku stap ga wi oan fosin ahn faitn. Wi ku stap di waar op wid wan anada.

Aal a dehnya sentens kohn fahn di Kriol-Inglish dikshineri.
Memba fi chek owt di Kriol-Inglish dikshineri FREE pahnlain da:

Di nyooz bowt di waar spred faas.
The news about the war spread fast.

Dehn too famili kyaahn gree ataal; dehn aalwayz di waar wid wan anada.
Those two families can't get along at all; they're always warring with each other.

Di man midi fait gens ih oan fren dehn.
The man was fighting against his own friends.

Wen wi mi smaal, fait doz aalwayz brok owt wen wi goh da fasit fi waata.
When we were small, fights always broke out when we went to the standpipe for water.

Unu di red unu aiy, ahn sayk a dat, unu fait mongz unuself.
You envy, and because of that, you fight among yourselves.

Di lee bwai kohn shub mi fos, ahn dat da how fait staat.
The little boy came and shoved me first, and that's how the fight started.

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