Ayj … Ayj Paypa

ayj  (var: ej) n. age. 

Mis Vaida noh waahn tel nobadi ih reel ayj, kaa ih noh
waahn dehn tink seh ih di geh oal.
Miss Vida doesn’t
want to tell anyone her real age because she doesn’t want
them to think she’s getting old.


anda ayj  phr. under age, minor. 

Di lee bwai weh dehn put eena jayl mi anda ayj. The boy 

that they put in jail was a minor.


ayj paypa  n. birth certificate. 

Da oal man mosi laas fi hihn ayj paypa kaa ih oanli laik yong gyal. That old man must have lost his birth certificate 

because he only likes young girls. See: bert paypa.


ej1  age. Variant: ayj.

bert paypa  n. birth certificate. 

Ah gaahn da Rejischri fi get owt mi bert paypa. I went to

the Registry to get a copy of my birth certificate.

See: ayj paypa.


Plos ges wen els yu ayj impoatant? Fi bai boleedo er lachri!

Wen Mayri jrap eena kinel, Ah tek dat mek rayk ahn bai ih ayj eena 

lachri! Ah win tu. When Mary fell into the canal, I used her age as my

lottery number, and I won too.



Silvaana Udz, Ed.D da fahn Bileez. If yu waahn tel shee bowt sohnting speshal fu put eena

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